Phobia: a spectacle

phobia_a spectacle
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Premiere in May 2010 at Greek National Theatre

Phobia: from the fact to its “spectalization”.

Causing and using fear as a medium of manipulation.

Orchestrated panic in augmented doses.

Alone in a virtual reality. Powerful.

In this performance we attempt to create a micro-society, like ours, that aims to control and manipulate everything, using two basic means: fear and the spectacle.

A performance that combines two extreme aesthetic lines: the realistic -as much as possible- actualization of a lecture and the creation of an audio-visual environment that appeals directly to the senses.

Phobia: a spectacle is a collective writing inspired by the texts of Henri Laborit, Guy Debord, Jean Baudrillard, Kostis Papayiorgis and others, as well as symbols, images and mechanisms of functioning of the reality around us.


Stage direction: Argyro Chioti | Concept, dramaturgy, music: VASISTAS | Lighting desing: Tasos Palaioroutas | Stage design: Eva Manidaki | Costume design: Paul Thanopoulos | Collaboration to the movement: Sofia Mavragani | Collaboration to the dramaturgy: Labros Chrisogonidis | On stage: Ariane Labed, Efthimis Theou, Naima Carbajal, Petros Stathakopoulos, Argyro Chioti

Photos: Isabelle Schneider, Christos Kiriakogonas

Phobia: a spectacle was created in different periods of time and spaces (residencies) throughout 2009-2010 (Phobia: 1 in Berlin, Phobia: 2 in Santorini, Greece, Phobia: 3 in Marseille, in the space L’ Eolienne and in collaboration with Les Bernardines Theatre), before its final presentation at the National Theatre of Greece in Athens.