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Online premiere in May 2020 at the EMST website
Premiere in July 2020 at EMST

Five rooms | A wander

A performance-invitation to a mental wandering created throughout the COVID-19 lock-down.

In a series of absurd, dream-like rooms, the spectators encounter five residents who – as museum exhibits – converse with their former confined selves. Guided by a woman’s voice through their headphones, ten visitors each time enter deeper and deeper in their mental wandering. Through the poetic encounters with these five people, they are invited to join in a personal, transcendental and meditative experience.

The first version of the performance was presented online and live streaming at the Greek National Museum of Contemporary Art’s website on 22, 23, 24 May, in the framework of the International Museum Day 2020.

The second version, a live-art performance with the actors on site, was presented in the Museum’s building – as one of the first events after its reopening.

* The title of the performance comes from the poem Meditation XVII (1624), by John Donne.


Stage direction: Argyro Chioti | Dramaturgy: Efthimis Theou, Argyro Chioti | Music/Sound design: Jan Van de Engel | Visual associate: Babis Makridis | Lighting design: Tasos Palaioroutas | Director’s assistant: Katerina Kotsou | Production execution: Stefanos Skoulikaris | Technical support: Manos Melissotis – AVolution AUDIOVISUAL | On stage: Georgina Chryskioti, Eirini Koubarouli, Ektoras Liatsos, Rita Litou, Kostas Sevdalis

Coordination: Anna Mykoniati – EMST Curator
Photos: Babis Makridis

With the support of NEON Organization for Culture and Development.
The performance was funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.