Eau de Cologne

Eau cologne theatre women
Eau cologne theatre women
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Premiere in November 2019 at the National Theatre of Greece

A chorus of six women and the personal, metaphysical journey of one man.

A special transcendental space is created on stage, a “management centre” that facilitates communication with the dead. A team of women are there to explain the process and operate the “impression machine”, a communication tool with the afterworld, which, like a unique distillery, transforms words into eau de cologne. A man arrives on stage in order to send a letter to his mother who has been dead for forty years. The women start the machine, lead the man step-by-step through the metaphysical experience, overcome the various problems, doggedly sing versions of songs, and complete their mission by sending the letter.

Anyway, my hand is so big by now, my dear, that one day I managed to hold in this hand the whole planet,
and it was a very weird feeling when I was holding the planet in my palm,
because where there were oceans and seas it was cold,
and where there were mountains it scratched my palm,
and where there were forests it was soft, and then I took a knife, a big knife, from the drawer 
and I cut it in half and all my arm filled with earth, the blood of squashed people, and animals”.   


Text: Efthimis Filippou | Stage direction: Argyro Chioti | Set design: Vassilis Marmatakis | Music composition & sound design: Jan Van de Engel | Lighting design: Tasos Palaioroutas | Costumes: Efthimis Filippou | Collaboration on dramaturgy: Efthimis Theou | Collaboration in songs and vocal coaching: Vaggelis Stefanopoulos and Thanassis Deligiannis | Director’s assistant: Nefeli Gioti | On stage: Georgina Chryskioti, Eleni Vergeti, Kalliopi Simou, Katerina Papandreou, Sofia Priovolou, Argyro Chioti, Areti Paschali, and Fintel Talampoukas

Photos: Karol Jarek
Production: National Theatre of Greece