Argyro Chioti is the co-founder and artistic director of VASISTAS theatre group.

She was born in Athens, Greece.
She studied acting in Morfes Drama School of Embros theatre in Athens (2000).
She has a bachelors degree on theatrical studies and a master degree (2) on stage direction and dramaturgy from the University of Provence, France (2006).
She regularly teaches acting and stage directing in drama schools and through workshops.

In her work she explores scenic forms which are oriented towards poetry and characterised by intense chorality and physicality. She builds around dramaturgies that are not defined by a text-based logic or a linear story-telling manner. She orchestrates in detail «moving images», creating the rhythm for an experience, a music choreography in present time. The general thematic fields in most of her creations are the human being and his existence/function into a specific social frame.

VASISTAS theatre group was co-founded in 2005, together with the actress and film director Ariane Labed and the actress Naima Carbajal. The actor, dramaturg and archeologist Efthimis Theou (since 2007) and the actress Georgina Chryskioti (since 2011) currently form the creative core of the group, along with the VASISTA’s most stable collaborators: the musician Jan Van de Engel, the light designer Tasos Palaioroutas, and the scenographer and architect Eva Manidaki.

In its 15 years it has functioned as a creative hub for artists and other co-creators, who have left their imprint in the group’s work and history, most notably the actors Eleni Vergeti, Antonis Antonopoulos, Matina Pergioudaki, Evdoxia Androulidaki, and Rosa Prodromou.

Stage directions of Argyro Chioti with VASISTAS theatre group:

Halepas | by The Boy, 2022, Onassis Stegi, in co-production with ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro (Italy) [THEATRE]

The Frogs | by Aristophanes, 2021, Athens & Epidaurus Festival [THEATRE]

No Man Is An Island Entire Of Itself | 2020, ΕΜΣΤ (National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens) [SITE-SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE]
Funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports and the NEON Organization

Eau de Cologne | by Efthimis Filippou, 2019, National Theatre of Greece [THEATRE]

The Libation Bearers | by Aeschylus, 2018, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, in co-production with the Kavala Municipal and Regional Theatre [THEATRE]

The Sincere One | 2017, Porta Theatre [MUSIC PERFORMANCE]
Funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports

The Divine Comedy | by Dante, 2017, Onassis Stegi, in co-production with Gymnase-Bernardines Theatre (Marseille) [THEATRE]

Apologies 4&5 | by Efthimis Filippou, 2016, Athens & Epidaurus Festival [THEATRE]

BLOODS (Emata) | by Efthimis Filippou, 2014, Onassis Stegi Cultural Centre [THEATRE]

DOMINO | 2013, French Institute of Greece, in co-production with Open Latitudes (3) European project [THEATRE-DANCE]

Spectacle | 2011, Athens & Epidaurus Festival [THEATRE]

Phobia: a spectacle | 2010, in co-production with the National Theatre of Greece [THEATRE]

Silence | 2008-09, 104 Center of Art [THEATRE]

Little Red Riding Hood-me and my wolf | 2007-08, Amore Theatre, Dokimes Festival [THEATRE]

Get over it (Faedras) | 2006-07, in different venues in Marseille and in Bios Cultural Center [THEATRE]

Side Projects / other collaborations:

Laurium | 2020, musical performance, part of the initiative “All of Greece, One culture” by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Archaeological Museum of Lavrio

In Search of Lost Time | by Marcel Proust, 2020, performance, part of the Xlorokini Festival, Romantso Cultural Center

Lambros by Dionysios Solomos, Saint George by Dimitris Hatzis, Eréndira by Gabriel García Márquez | 2018-19, stage reading, part of the Parabases programme, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

L’Enfant | by Maurice Maeterlinck, 2018-19, collaboration (actor’s coaching) with marionettist Elise Vigneron and Theatre de l’Entrouvert

Prométhée Εnchainé | 2018, theatre production with students of the Université de Provence Theatre Department, La Friche la Belle de Mai (Marseille)

Different Choises Petros | by Efthimis Filippou, 2016, theatre production, Theatro Technis Karolos Koun

Angelstate | by Nina Rapti, 2015, stage reading, Theatro Technis Karolos Koun

This! | 2013-14, multimedia performance in co-production with Via Negativa (Ljubljana) and Bios Cultural Center (Athens)

Faethon | by Dimitris Dimitriadis, 2013, stage reading, Onassis STEGI Cultrural Centre

ARPAGI (RAPTURE) | 2012, in-situ performance as part of Stefanos Tsivopoulos’ exhibition “ The Future Starts Here” in Eleusina, in collaboration with Efthimis Theou

Under control | by Frédéric Sonntag, 2012, stage reading, French Institute of Greece

Control Freak | 2010, performance, Low Budget Festival at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

Faust | by Goethe, 2008-09, experimental theatre project on collective stage direction by Blitz Theatre Company, A.Xafis, V.Mavrogeorgiou, G.Gallos, and Argyro Chioti, National Theatre of Greece

Cassandra | by Benedetto Marcello, 2009, opera production in collaboration with the Latinitas Nostra – Markellos Chrysikopoulos Ensemble and Phormigx Production Company, stage direction by Argyro Chioti, Rhodes Music Festival


In 2019 Argyro participated as a director in Woman Opera Makers Workshop mentored by Katie Mitchell at the International Festival of Lyric Art in Aix-en-Provence.
In 2013 she was awarded the “Eleftheria Sapoutzi” award for her artistic work.
In 2011 VASISTAS theatre group received for Spectacle the honors distinction of National Association of Critics of Theatre and Music (for an innovate theatre play).